About Us

Our Mission

To manufacture quality products for customers satisfaction through continuous endeavor for improvement by adoption of trust, respect, cooperation and modern technology.

Our Vision

Kaycee Group's vision is to attain highest standards of quality in all its business activities and to be recognized as a dynamic, quality conscious and an industry leader in India.


Our products are known for their quality, consistency and timely supply. That is why we have international food chains, star hotels and mechanised bakeries as few of our key customers. We cater to wholesale grain markets across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala.Our unique methodology of milling, and commitment to quality enables us to introduce new and improved products for our customers, regularly.


Food Safety System Certificate (FSSC), an international standard adds a layer of safety to all the wheat products we produce.

By adhering to ISO 22000:2005, we ensure that our foods are produced in a safe environment and is consequently safe for human.

Islamic community can rest assured when they consume foods manufactured with Kaycee’s products which are fully Halal certified.

Our Management

Our management is proactive and unconventional in managing change, finding ways to do better and more with fewer resources, leading with greater flexibility and diversity in approaches to deliver results. We focus on high performance, direct efforts on continuous improvement and to deliver best quality products.

Mr. Satyanarayan Gupta


Mr. Rajendra Prasad Gupta

(Managing Director)

Mr Ramesh Kumar Gupta

(Managing Director)

Mr. Kartik Gupta

(Executive Director)

Mr. Ankit Gupta

(Executive Director)

Mr. Pranav Gupta

(Executive Director)